About Us

Number of years trading

Over 25 Years

Company status

Private Company

Type of company

Manufacturer / Importer/ Distributor - Based in Melbourne, Australia, where sales, marketing, customer relations & product creation are conducted. Product Manufacture takes place off-shore in various countries including USA, Taiwan, Israel, China, Holland, N.Z. etc.

Overview of product range and target market

We are essentially a go to market representative for local & overseas products providing a sales/marketing & distribution channel in the APAC (Australian, New Zealand & Asia Pacific region). T.D.S. are working to achieve recognition as the "go-to" vendor for highly desirable, superior quality & high demand, new products in the consumer market. T.D.S. with a database of prime contacts & premium leads is looking to make a very strong foray into the food, beverage & supplies market. We look forward to working with any newly selected or potential business partners in a bid to win market share with unique, quality products for a win-win outcome for all concerned parties.